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By Tribeca Venture Partners

We. Are. Still. Here.

Like all of you, we’re home doing our part to fight this horrendous pandemic. The only thing we know for sure is the world changes fast. In the face of all this uncertainty, we’re working hard on things we can control – personal, family, and community safety and a laser focus on supporting our TVP Founders and CEOs. As we all know, we’re operating in unprecedented times. We just wanted to thank all of our teams and the community in general for your hard work, decisiveness, and dedication.  

With so much information bombarding us every day, we thought it would be helpful to provide some insight into what we’ve been reading and a snapshot of what some of our companies are doing to help. 

Thank you and please stay safe.

What We’re Reading / Watching 

A Creator Of The Ebola Vaccine Has Hope For Slowing Covid-19  WIRED

Now Is The Time To Lean Into Your Workforce  NJ Tech Weekly

There Has Been A 900% Increase In Hate Speech  Cheddar

Paycheck Protection Program Loans  Dept of the Treasury

Chaotic Launch Of Small Business Program And What Needs To Improve  CNN

PR & Marketing Tips For Covid-19 And Beyond  Spark

Coronavirus Protective Masks To Be Made From M.L.B. Uniform Material  NY Times

Portfolio Updates And Resources


Extending product to all customers for 90 days unlimited use to help transition teams to work from home  MORE


Free access to mobility and visitation patterns data to help businesses adjust their strategies  MORE


Free access to Domio spaces in Miami, Chicago, and Nashville for medical professionals and first responders  MORE

Penrose Hill / Firstleaf

Offering Firstleaf Member pricing to all non-members for all wine shipments  MORE


Providing real-time insights from real U.S. consumers about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting them, so companies and brands can plan their next move  MORE 


Partnering with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to provide childcare for hospital workers. Vivvi is also providing daily lesson plans for all parents to help with homeschooling  MORE