Zander’s Reflections on 3 Yrs at Tribeca Venture Partners


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By Zander Farkas

It’s been 3 years since I joined Tribeca Venture Partners and I thought it would be helpful to pause and reflect on my time with the team. 

There have been a lot of good lessons and I’ve worked with some great entrepreneurs. I’m closer to my 10-year mark in venture capital (now I’m aging myself) but I’m still learning as our business keeps changing. Most importantly, I’m still having fun as we create value for our entrepreneurs and our investors. Some lessons learned:

The fundamentals will always matter: The venture industry has evolved over the past few years and valuations have gone crazy… but what has remained consistent are the fundamentals. We’ve relied on these fundamentals and grown significantly at TVP, adding team (+3), new portfolio companies (+11), and follow-on investments into our existing portfolio (+20).

Small teams can change the world: This applies to all of our portfolio companies but to call out two specifically: QCI’s Quantum computers get more powerful by leaps and bounds. Rob Schoelkopf, Founder and Chief Scientist, runs a lean research team out of New Haven. However, they are incredibly focused and that has driven innovation at a pace faster than we could have anticipated. In the physical world, Vivvi’s Co-Founders, Charlie Bonello and Ben Newton, built a world-class childhood education center in 90 days and brought it in under budget. 90 days later, they had already sold out and were looking to their second location!

Tribeca Venture Partners Summer Cocktails 2019

Our entrepreneurs do the hard work: Building a company is a really tough job. The resilience of our CEOs in the face of adversity never ceases to amaze me. At TVP, we believe that venture capital is a service business and it’s an awesome thing to get up every day and work with such talented and inspiring entrepreneurs.