TVP leads $10M round in Spiffy


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By Chip Meakem

Happy to announce our latest investment – Spiffy – on demand car care. 

I worked with the founder and CEO Scot Wingo on his last company, Channel Advisor, which he took from idea to a public company.  Simple rule of venture investing…when a founder delivers a big win, back him or her again.  

With that said when Scot first told me about Spiffy a few years ago I was skeptical at best…washing cars and changing oil is pretty low tech stuff.  But Scot saw the opportunity to leverage tech to dramatically improve service quality and UX in a huge market.  Fast forward to today and Spiffy provides on demand car care for consumers, corporations, fleets operators and ride share companies all over the country with incredible customer sat stats. 

I’m psyched to be along for the ride again!

Read the full press release here