AppNexus Acquires Yieldex



By Tribeca Venture Partners

By Chip Meakem

Congrats to AppNexus on an incredible run. In the past six months the team has closed $100M+ with a world class public/private crossover lead plus strategics, acquired Xaxis For Publishers and signed a deeper strategic agreement with Xaxis and WPP, acquired cross device ID company MediaGlu and yesterday announced the acquisition of Yieldex as a key part of their full-stack publisher offering. And by the way, they’ve been profitable with huge growth for three straight quarters. Here’s a cool video about the Yieldex deal:

I remember sitting down with Brian O’Kelley back in 2008. He dismounted his skateboard, strolled to our outdoor table at Coffee Shop and proceeded to succinctly describe his vision for a new buy/sell paradigm in digital advertising and the infrastructure stack needed to support it. Fast forward to today and it is simply remarkable how close reality is to that vision. That said, vision isn’t worth much without execution and in the last six months the AppNexus team has just flat-out killed it.

From TVP to all AppNexians, thanks for the hard work!!!

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