Announcing Our Investment in Backtrace I/O



By Tribeca Venture Partners

By Chip Meakem

We are pleased to announce our latest investment: Backtrace I/O. This one was kind of a no-brainer. I got an email from our LP and advisor Brian O’Kelley a few months back that said something like “Bad news, we are losing two of our top engineers. Good news, they’re starting a company solving a huge problem for AppNexus and other software development shops like us. I am going to advise them. You guys should fund them.” Truth be told, we probably would have funded based solely on that email but we did a bunch of work anyway.

This is a classic eat your own dog food story. The founders, Abel and Samy, are too modest to say but they are rock star developers. We all know how valuable guys like these are but they found they were spending way too much time fixing bugs. Fixing bugs = not cutting new code. They realized that crash analytics and reporting systems are way behind today’s complex app environments. So they started Backtrace I/O to solve their problem. Learn more here.

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