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By Tribeca Venture Partners

By Brian Hirsch

Over the last several years the Maker Movement has morphed from a fringe subculture into what is in the early stages of becoming a mainstream phenomenon. An entire industry has sprouted up to turn people from consumers into makers.

People familiar with the evolution of the consumer tech market can see clear parallels between what’s happening today with the Maker Movement and the early days of computer clubs in the 1970’s that gave rise to modern day consumer tech that is enjoyed by billions of people.

The growth of the 3D printing market is an example that many people use to highlight the Maker Movement and we believe 3D printing has a bright future. But for the Maker Movement to fully reach the same type of success as consumer tech, the definition of being a maker must broaden. It doesn’t need to be tech dependent. To reach the mainstream the Maker Movement should be accessible and simple for the masses. Finally, like many movements, multiple faces are necessary to inspire, motivate and guide people forward.

When we met MakersKit founders Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade through Techstars, we immediately saw two people who were meant to be faces of the maker community. In a short time the “Makers Boys” have created a strong brand through high quality DIY kits and approachable and fun “how to” project guides. It’s no surprise that MakersKit has seen their product fly off the shelves since launch and both Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom have signed deals to distribute their products.

We knew shortly after meeting the founders that we wanted to lead their seed round. We’re excited to be working with Mike and Jawn as well as our co-investors including Bertelsmann Digital Media Investment, Greycroft Partners, Mesa+ and Gary Vaynerchuck’s Vayner RSE.

Go make something!

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