Announcing Our Investment in Virsec



By Tribeca Venture Partners

By Chip Meakem

Enterprise security is serious business. Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year and yet ask any security exec if they feel good about their security and the answer is almost universally no. And as we all know the problem is only getting worse.

To date the vast majority of enterprise security spend has focused on perimeter protection and detection. Keep the bad guys out. But unfortunately it’s a classic game of cat and mouse and eventually the bad guys get in. Worse, the average hack goes something like 10 months without even being detected and Gartner says 92% are never detected at all. Scary.

Enter the team from our latest investment Virsec. These are old school computer security guys who’ve worked on very serious defense department stuff (technical term). When looking at big complicated markets, a simplifying insight (and obviously world class tech team) can help. If outside in isn’t working, try inside out. Virsec takes a whole new approach by understanding key relationships deep inside the system and keeping it running on the right rails. So, if a company gets hacked, first and foremost, they will deterministically know about it almost immediately, and second, Virsec can shut down the system threat in question.

This is easy to write in a satellite elevation paragraph and very tough to actually do in complex enterprise systems, but the Virsec guys are up to it!!!

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