clypd API



By Tribeca Venture Partners

By Chip Meakem

Last week our portfolio company clypd announced the launch of the first ever programmatic API for TV advertising. This is a major technical accomplishment but as you can see from the number of partners needed to make this happen, it’s an equally impressive ecosystem accomplishment.

We were lucky enough to back Brian O’Kelley and the AppNexus team as they created the RTB and Programmatic market for display (and now mobile) advertising. While there are infrastructure constraints that make true TV RTB a different challenge, I find myself asking a simple question – why won’t programmatic explode in TV just as it has in digital?

TV advertisers reach target audiences via publishers and enhance those buys with various internal and external data sets. Sound familiar? clypd has redacted the entire TV ad buying process to a set of workflows and API integrations turning what used to be a laborious multi-system, multi-agency mess into a simple data input exercise. clypd is starting with a defined set of distribution partners, and integrating with more is certainly non-trivial, but the process improvement and ROI of programmatic buying are irrefutable and, just as we are seeing in the digital world, economics win in the end.

I think the guys at clypd are on to something…

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