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Tribeca Venture Partners is hiring a full-time Associate to join our early stage venture firm in New York, NY. You will be responsible for:

Supporting our investment process including:
a. Market research
b. Identifying top early-stage investment prospects
c. Modeling financials and cap tables
d. Internal investment memo documentation
e. Due diligence and analysis
f. Term sheet generation

You will be a full member of our investment team. You will attend partnership meetings and be counted on to provide insights and feedback as we meet new companies. The role is meant to be a 2-3 year program with potential future opportunities for exceptional performers.

The most important qualifications for this role are:
• A track record that demonstrates exceptional persistence, resourcefulness, and leadership in previous endeavors
• A strong network in, and understanding of, the New York tech startup ecosystem
• Extremely strong communication and relationship-building skills

Other important qualifications include:
• An outstanding academic track record
• 2-5 years of work experience ideally in a startup, consulting firm, investment bank or other venture firm
• Plugged into and knowledgeable about the NYC tech ecosystem
• Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills
• Proven ability to self-motivate and direct your own work
• Demonstrated passion for technology and innovation

Extra consideration to candidates who:
• Have a CS background
• Blog actively about technology and startups
• Have a practical knowledge of online marketing, user engagement and funnel analytics

To apply, please email a copy of your resume to admin@tribecavp.com. Better yet, get a warm introduction to someone on our team.

Instead of a cover letter, please answer any 4 of the 5 questions below (150 word max for each):
1. What are the 1-2 achievements you are most proud of?
2. Tell us about something you believe is true that nobody else agrees with.
3. If you were seeking to identify and connect with the top startup companies in the NYC area what would you do and whom would you call?
4. What is the one early stage startup in NYC we probably don’t know about but should consider investing in? Sell us on this opportunity.
5. What is one startup that most people think is a great business but you’re skeptical about? Why?

There is no deadline to apply – we will be evaluating applications as they are submitted. Please submit only your resume and concise answers to the above questions.

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